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  • How do I sign up for bPay services?

    1. Apply to your bPay administrator to join the bPay service

    2. The following documents are required for application:


    1. Required documents to identify business/corporate customers

    a. Certificates of Registration (COR) issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") for corporations and partnerships
    b. Secondary license or Certificate of Authority (COA) issued by the supervising authority or other government agency (e.g. SEC, BSP, PAGCOR, CEZA, APECO, AFAB, etc.)
    c. Articles of Incorporation/Partnership
    d. Latest General Information Sheet (“GIS”)
    e. Board or Partners' resolution duly certified by the Corporate/ Partners' Secretary, or other equivalent document, authorizing the signatory to sign on behalf of the entity;
    f. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy, if applicable
    g. Company or business website (if applicable)
    h. Copy of Bank Statement / Bank Certificate (not older than three (3) months)
    i. Board resolution or Secretary’s Certificate to give authority to the person transacting in behalf of the corporation/partnership
    j. Identification document (ID) of authorized signatory or representative
    k. Specimen signatures or biometrics of the authorized signatory
  • What cryptocurrencies are available on bPay services?

    1. The cryptocurrencies currently available on the bPay service are Ether Coin and USDT coin, which are stable coins. In the future, USDC and Bitcoin in the ERC 20 series will also be applied.

  • Is it possible to work with the internal services currently in operation?

    1. Yes, it is possible.

    bPay services provide the APIs you need to work with your internal services.

    -Payment-related API

    -View payment information API

    -Inquiry of deposit and withdrawal information API

    -Settlement-related API

    In addition to the standard API, the required API can be provided further after consultation.

  • How is the bPay service available if I don't have an internal system to work with?

    The bPay service provides Application Service Provider (ASP) for clients who do not have an internal system that has a page dedicated to Payment.

    The Store Code granted on this dedicated page is automatically included in the structure in which the system works.
    You can enter the membership code managed by your company and proceed with the payment.

  • How do I view my members' paid information?

    The bPay Store backoffice feature provides members’ payments along with their history of information.
    Inquiry is possible.
    For more information, please refer to the Admin Guide that we have distributed.

  • How is the withdrawal service configured?

    Withdrawal services are used in conjunction with affiliated cryptocurrency exchanges.
    In the future, withdrawal services are also being planned to be in conjunction with banks.

  • How are settlement services configured?

    The bPay Store backoffice feature provides the corresponding deposit and withdrawal history management and settlement management functions.

    For more information, please refer to the Admin Guide that we have distributed.

  • Is cryptocurrency security management a problem?

    All data managed by the bPay service are encrypted and stored carefully.
    It is managed by distribution management and High Security Management (HSM) equipment which is a separate security storage device.
    Blockchain-based distribution process operates node servers and all services are operational so you can use them with confidence.

  • What if I have questions about using the service?

    bPay has a 24-hour CS system, if you have any questions all you have to do is send us your inquiries at: support@bexpress.ph

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