Configuration of blockchain-based Payment systems

Blockchain-based cryptocurrency online/mobile payment platform for fast processing. The payment solution that solved the problem.

Introduction to bPay systems

The bPay system is the first cryptocurrency-based online/mobile payment platform in the Philippines

The bPay system is a payment solution that solves the problem of price changes with high processing speed.

Web/mobile shopping mall payment service

Build a financial-level security system

Fast settlement

Lower fees compared to other payment services

Payment Window

Introduction to the Payments window

View current exchange rate market information (USDT↔ PHP)

Cryptocurrency Payment Address

Cryptocurrency Payment Address QR & Copy Features

Recent payment history Display


Store Admin back office provides the following features

Manage payments and withdrawals

Settlement and balance management

Statistics on the number of payments per day and the amount of payments by coin

Statistics on monthly payments and payments by coin

Dealer Admin back office provides the following features

Store management and fee inquiry

Providing settlement function for each store

Dealer fee settlement feature

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